Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review

The spinoff or franchise films of The Conjuring series aren’t reached the achievement of its predecessors did. The movies are neither frightening nor suspenseful to pump up the adrenaline rush of the horror fans. Instead, they become more predictable and the characters were either overreacting over scary scenes or screams with the same reaction to the spooky spirits.

Gary Dauberman, the writer of previous Annabelle films and The Nun movie makes his directorial debut with the latest film in The Conjuring franchise. It’s the origin story of how demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren came to ‘possess’ the cursed doll.

The film opens with our favorite paranormal investigators’ couple Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) Warren bringing the doll home. The doll was locked in a case where a priest performs the holy rituals to prevent the demonic conduit through the doll. It makes the doll more vulnerable than any other possessed entities in the room.

The Warren`s daughter Judy (Mckenna Grace) mostly isolated from school friends due to her parent`s professions. She can even see spirits like her mother but never discussed it with any of them. She was under babysitter care. Her babysitter and only friend Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman) invited a friend Daniela(Katie Sarife) to stay at the Warrens home while they are out of the town.

While staying in the house, Daniela wanted to talk to her deceased father through any Warrens spirited objects. Her intention goes wrong when she unveiled the Annabelle doll out of the sealed case despite the warning, “Positively! Do not open”.

Director tried out some humor with Bob Palmeri (Michael Cimino) character encountering with a werewolf. The trio eventually escapes from the deadly ghosts of the collection room. Finally, Annabelle has locked once again in the case.

The characters acting and fake scares might work in the 70s horrors but that was not the present horror audiences prefer for. They expect some real scare with good storytelling script with awesome performances. Well, that is not present in the Annabelle Comes Home movie and director eventually failed to satisfy the modern day horror fans. It is clear that the movies are made to make some money business rather than engaging the audience throughout the movie.

Annabelle Comes Home may not bump you the way the previous Conjuring films did.