Sarvam Thaala Mayam review
Sarvam Thaala Mayam review

Director Rajiv Menon comes to the Tamil industry after 18years and taken this musical drama film, that tells about how a lower caste Christian boy excels in carnatic music. Sarvam Thaala Mayam was released on February 1, 2019. Rajiv Menon’s long time friend AR Rahman had donned as music director.

GV Prakash Kumar comes as Peter Johnson, who is an ardent fan of actor Vijay and loves watching films with his friends. He always like to see Vijay’s movie’s first day first show that he even dared to skip his exams for watching. His father was a maker of “Miruthangam” instrument and he wants his son to follow his path despite his poor academics. But Peter was wandering aimlessly and his only aim was to wander with friends.

One day his father asks Peter to deliver miruthangam to a famous vithuvan Vembu Iyer in a sabha (audience). Peter was awestruck while watching the audience and he too wanted to become like Vembu Iyer and perform in a stage infront of the audience. After that whether Peter achieves or not and what are the obstacles he’s facing forms the crux of the story.

Nedumudi Venu’s performance as Vembu Iyer was the big plus in the movie. It made the plot to further without any glitch. He lived in that character of Vembu Iyer who was a number one artist and follows some traditional methods in his life. He always stick to his old style and refuses to update to the latest.

The performance of other casts like Vineeth as Vembu’s assistant Mani, Kumaravel as Peter’s father Johnson and Dhivyadharshini as Mani`s sister who is a TV host was also good in their performance.

GV Prakash Kumar’s performance as a miruthangam artist was impressive. The only minus was the heroine’s  part, it wasn’t necessary to the story of this movie. Also the director should have overlooked the part that comes after interval, Peter moves out of town and returns back. This part was unnecessary as it doesn’t add any value or base to the film.

The film had touched caste, jealous, determination, and tells that one should not get knocked down by their surrounding. They should follow their dream to achieve it. And finally tells that music is for everyone and carnatic music always grows beyond and has no limit.

The director had touched the reality show concept in the second half and it was really interesting view. Cinematography by Ravi Yadav has been excellent. The music of AR Rahman was good as always but didn’t notch up his level.

Overall the film has taken music as its subject and had covered as a whole and forms really interesting plot to watch.

Cineroast rating3.5/5

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