HBO released a Game of thrones season 8 teaser trailer “Crypts of Winterfell”. The trailer shows the premiere date April 14,2019. Game of thrones fans are more than a little excited. Looking at their excitement we bring out the analysis and breakdown of the season 8 teaser.

Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Teaser from HBO

Starting of the footage, we hear Lyanna Stark`s voice saying “You have to protect him” when Jon Snow walking past the statue of his mother. She says to Ned Stark in season 6 finale to take care of her son, that is none other than Jon Show.

And we saw a feather falls to the floor. It is the same feather that Robert Baratheon placed in Lyanna`s hand in the series premiere.Later Sansa finds the same feather in the season 5 when she place a candle on the hand Lyanna`s statue.

Next  we hear Catelyn`s voice saying “All this horror that has come to my family. It’s all because I couldn’t love a motherless child” when Sansa walks past her statue. The speech of Catelyn to Robb`s Wife Talisa in season 3.

And we haven`t witnessed Catalyn`s statue in the dungeon and may be it symbolizes the statues are built for the Starks by birth.

When Jon passes Ned`s statue, we hear Ned`s voice saying “You are a Stark. Ned also says, “You might not have my name, but you have my blood.” This is his speech to Jon Snow in the Episode 2 of season 1.

From all the above sayings by Lyanna, Catelyn and Ned, we conclude that everything is connected to Jon`s birth and his secret identity as a Targaryen Prince. Well definitely it will play a important role in the upcoming season.

Next we saw the Starks reunion except Bran. Who knows it could be Bran`s vision, so he might not be in there. So they might be in

The Stark Kids Jon, Sansa and Arya witness themselves as statues in an alcove. Well, this might be scary, because statues represents that they’re dead.

A Fan theory going on at the look of the statues. Arya and Sansa looks same as their age and Jon`s appearance is somewhat older than the others in the statue. So may be, Arya and Sansa might die and Jon might survive and live older and die.

As snow approaches them, feather gets frozen, Arya and Jon take their swords and ready to fight.

Will our heroes fall as they looking at their own crypts or this is just a symbolic?