New Stranger Things 3 poster : Breakdown

The new poster for Stranger Things season 3 has arrived. Eleven is quite fascinating to fight against the new monster in town.


The third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things coming this July 4 and no wonder it is one of the most highly anticipated TV events of the rest of the year. To excite the fans, Netflix releases a new poster for the season 3. While the trailer for the upcoming season teased how “one summer can change everything,” the new poster may reveal some clues about the season.

Stranger Things 3 Poster
Credits : Netflix

Netflix shared the poster on Tuesday (June 4,2019) and in bring up the old memories of 80’s, looks alike 80’s era film poster. The poster features Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) prominently, and, once again, she’s moving things with her telekinesis power and making her nose bleed. But this she got her hair grown and wearing a scrunchie.

Then there is a monster in the below all characters where Billy stands stand aside and the why the rats are dead which are shown at the bottom of the poster? A unknown man standing behind the monster with a weapon, may be he’s ready for the combat.

The poster also includes Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) looking professionals. Nancy`s holding a pen and paper while Jonathan is holding his camera. Our babysitter Steve (Joe Keery) working alongside Robin (Maya Hawke) at the Starcourt Mall, while we can also see the Mall’s shopfront above Eleven.

We don’t know how the new monster arrives to Hawkins town, or whether its presence will affect the budding romance between Eleven and Mike (Finn Wolfhard), or how Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) will try to protect their kids from the interdimensional aliens invading their Indiana hometown.